5 Ways to Get Back on Track After Overeating

Posted on: in [ Nutrition ]

Let’s face it, we all go overboard sometimes, it happens. Instead of beating yourself up over it, or giving up and continuing the binge the next day, here are some steps to help you do a little damage control and get back on track!


1. PLAN!

            Plan your meals for the day. Choose healthy nutrient rich food to combat the junk food from the day before. Planning your meals ensures you have no excuse to reach for something crappy.


2. Drink water, a lot of it.

            The best way to help your body metabolize and flush out the toxins is to drink a lot of water after you eat too much. A cup of green tea in the morning is also beneficial to battling the ‘belly bloat’!


3. Exercise

            Get out of bed or off your coach and MOVE. You don’t have to go crazy, but getting exercise in will help you mentally and physically. Just go for a quick walk outside or run your apartment stairwell. This will help get you mentally back in the game and the endorphins will make you feel better.


4. Steer clear of heavy carbs.

            Allow your system to recover from the night before. Try and eliminate carbs for breakfast, this will allow your body to use stored fat as energy rather than food as energy.  A healthy option would be eggs, veggies, and good fat!


5. Don’t Get in a Slump

            No matter what you do, don’t let yourself continue to overeat, this has a snowball affect and can cause you to gain several pounds of body fat in just a few days, which can reverse weeks of healthy activity.  Listen to your body, how do you feel after you eat all that food? When you’re full, stop eating! Use the rules above to get out of your funk and back into a healthy routine!